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The story Randy Beamer’s been shooting about me finally aired Friday night.  He interspersed old footage, so you can see younger me and writing and signing books and current me doing the same thing.  Seems as if I haven’t made much progress:


Randy Beamer, the lead anchor for News 4, has been shooting footage of me for a couple of months, about my new novel SHADOW KNIGHT’S MATE.  Now he says it’s going to air tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 4th, at 10 p.m.  Also depends on time availability, though.  He’s put a lot of work into it, doing his own camera work at a book signing I had in January, at my desk at work, my desk at home, and exciting action footage of me walking around the courthouse talking to judges and lawyers.  (I went back into one of those courts today and the bailiff said, “No cameraman today?”  I said, “I know, I feel naked.”

The paparazzi, they just won’t leave me alone.  Everywhere I go, everything I do…

20/20 News, Friday, Feb. 13th at 9 p.m.

Just found out that the news show “20/20″ is airing its show tomorrow night for which they interviewed me in my role as assistant district attorney.  They’re doing a story about danger to realtors, and interviewed me about an appeal I handled a couple of years ago in which a realtor was attacked.  (She survived and was also interviewed for the show.  Very brave, resourceful woman.)  I was interviewed on camera for about 30 minutes, so I hope some of it will end up in the story.  15 minutes, maybe?

20/20 Foresight

A week ago I was interviewed by the ABC news show “20/20.”  They’re doing a story about danger to realtors, and wanted to talk to me about an appeal I handled for the State a couple of years ago in which a realtor was attacked by someone to whom she was showing a house.  (She survived and testified.)  I was interviewed on camera for 30 minutes, in an empty courtroom.  I hope all of it won’t end up on the cutting room floor.  To be aired within the next few weeks, I was told.  My fifteen minutes or less of fame.


Yesterday I appeared on AMI radio in Florida. Wish I could have been there in person; it’s on an island.

Tomorrow night, Monday the 12th, I’ll be at the La Cantera Barnes & Noble at 7 p.m., speaking to their mysteries reading group. Randy Beamer may be there to tape part of it for a feature on Channel 4 news. I hope people show up on a cold night in January.

DEFIANCE COUNTY now available as ebook

My novel DEFIANCE COUNTY is now available exclusively at as an ebook, with a new introduction by me.  This is one of my fictional-small-town Texas mysteries, and my only one featuring a woman protagonist.  That part was fun to write, especially the scenes in the beauty shop with all-women casts.  Of course I’ve never been in such a room, but I’ve been close.  Early in my career, going to mystery conventions, I realized it was much more fun to hang out with the women writers than the men.  Men don’t talk.  They’re boring.  (There are exceptions, of course.)

    But DEFIANCE COUNTY was also fun to re-read as I proofread it.  I like the small town atmosphere and the characters.  Jon Breen, reviewing it in “The Armchair Detective,” said, “In court and out, this deviously plotted and masterfully written novel represents Brandon at his very best.”  I love the phrase “masterfully written.”  Don’t know why, there’s just something appealing about it.

article about SHADOW

Here’s a link to a new article about my new novel.  It appears in “The Big Thrill,” the magazine of the International Thriller Writers.  They work really hard at promotional activities, more so than any writers’ organization I’ve ever known.


The Big Thrill story about your book will go live this evening:   An email blast to our 24,000 subscribers will also go out tomorrow morning.​


Texas Book Festival

Off today for this event, which is bigger than ever this year.  Well over two hundred authors, of everything from novels to cookbooks to children’s books.  There are at least a dozen events an hour.  I’ll be on a panel at 11 a.m. Saturday talking about my new novel SHADOW KNIGHT’S MATE.  Then signing, first in the Barnes & Novel tent, then the Wings Press booth.  I’m told this is now the second biggest book festival in the country, after New York.  If you’re anywhere near Austin, it’s well worth a visit.

And a couple of days ago I was interviewed by a reporter for “Texas Lawyer,” a very good weekly tabloid aimed at — you can guess.  So that story should appear next week.

See you in the paper.